Nova Didacta Nova Didacta

Established in 2004 by professionals of the technology field. The Group Nova Didacta is committed to the success of its customers and partners. In 2013, Nova Didacta began its activities in Mexico, where open a branch office at the capital of this wonderful country.

The company
Nova Didacta provides technological solutions in both fields educational and industrial, with professional equipments, didactic systems for laboratories and professional training.
Be recognized for its customers, team members and society, as an innovating company, exemplary at the development of both knowledgement and products, sharing its results and stimulating the creativity aiming a continuous improvement of its projects and services.
Developing the best technological professional solutions, aggregating value to the business of our customers and partners.

Our principles and values

Through creative and entrepreneurial attitudes, aiming results and strategic partners for reach the leadership in our Market.
Focus in the customer
Using ethics and responsibility for understanding and satisfying the necessities and period of training of our customers.
Nova Didacta aims to create conditions at its workplace for providing the self development and creativity of its team members.
Developing innovative solutions for reach the expectations of ours customers applying modern concepts and tools in our processes and methods.
Respect for the environment and humanity are the principles of our actions.

Nova Didacta acts in several fields:

Our consultancy services include:

Engineering Systems
The involvement process starts with the investigation of the facts that influence the interest of our customers. Our technical team is composed by specialists of several fields, for instance: electronics, mechanics, information technology and business reengineering.
Development of Solutions
We collaborate with our customers for defining clearly and effectively both their objectives and strategies, considering any implications of each step. We analyse the strengths and weakness of the alternatives, giving the consequences that may happen and evaluating its impacts in short and long term.
Project Management
Nova Didacta works for ensure that the objectives be achieved with quality, suitable costs and respecting the deadlines, for both development of government programs and implementing strategies of business development.
We develop training programs for helping our customers to improve their knowledgement and abilities. Our services include: analysis of training needs, training development, plans for implement the training, systems specifications, knowledgement certifications.
Compliance mission – Nova Didacta
Ensure the obeying of laws, regulations, internal rules and ethical standards, by guiding and educating for avoiding activites and attitudes that may cause risks to Nova Didacta, customers, team members, suppliers and society, allowing the sustainable growth and the continuous improvement of the business.
Being compliance
It’s be aware of the Company’s rules, obey the recommended procedures, act in conformity and feel how much the ethic is important in our attitudes.
Stay in compliance
It’s be at conformity with laws and regulations both internal and external.
Being and stay in compliance
It is above all things an individual obligation of each employee of Nova Didacta.