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Inserir no projetoP1313600Sistema de treinamento em Fermentação de melaço em etanol com levedura


As a result of the need to save energy and the increased consciousness of environmental problems, biotechnological production methods are on the advance. Fermenters are used for the biotechnological production of enzymes and other products using bacteria, yeast and cell cultures. For educational purposes a bubble bioreactor used in this experiment is a more convenient and economical alternative to commercial fermenters. To demonstrate how fermenters work, in this experiment molasse which is a waste product of sugar production is fermented in the so-called batch process.


1. Molasse is to be fermented to ethanol.
2. Determine the yield of your process.

What you can learn about

• Fermentation
• Ethanol
• Bioreactor
• Yeast

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