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The temperature requirements of animals with regard to their environment differ widely: they vary from temperatures just below 0°C for arctic and antarctic animals to temperatures of around 50°C for desert animals and animals from hot springs. Within these limits many species prefer one range: the preferential temperature. Using their thermoreceptors the animals recognize the temperature which suits them, gather in an area at the corresponding temperature (thermotaxis) and thus show their preferred temperature.


1. Test the temperature demands of poikilothermic animals
2. Produce a temperature gradient between approximately 45°C and 10°C using a ring shaped temperature organ
3. Record the positions of the individual animals.


What you can learn about

• Temperature optimum
• Poikilothermic animals
• Thermotaxis
• Phototaxis
• Thigmotaxis
• Torpor
• Environmental requirements
• Geographical seperation

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