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Inserir no projetoP4070100Sistema de treinamento em resposta optomotora em insetos


Behavioural physiological measurement of the time resolving capacity of the compound eye of flies (without electrophysiological leads). Many insects try to follow movements in their surroundings not only with their head but with their whole body. If a striped strobe pattern passes from left to right in front of the head the insect makes a right turn. This optomotor response can be used to determine the speeds at which the insect can still perceive the strobe pattern. The movements (optomotor response) indicate whether or not the fly can resolve the strobe pattern with the drum set at a constant speed.


To determine the ratio of right and left turns made by a fly attached to the centre of a strobe drum.


What you can learn about

• Optomotor response
• Time resolving capability
• Compound eye
• Strobe drum
• Pattern frequency
• Left- and right-hand movements of flies

The use of Calliphora Spec is recommended.

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