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Inserir no projetoP4070400Sistema de treinamento em teste da capacidade de reação humana


As in many technical processes, in the course of many biological functions the output values act back on the input values. With the many disturbing influences that affect biological systems, a feed-back reaction (control loop) of this type enables an equilibrium to be established. The components of a biological control loop (receptors, neurones, synapses, effectors) require a certain time for the transmission of a signal. This time between the onset of a disturbance (stimulus) and the reaction which it triggers is called the dead time. In this experiment the test subject follows a rectangular curve on a slowly rotating drum, using a felt-tip pen inserted into a slit. In a reaction test the dead time is determined.


1. Measurement of dead time in a reaction test.
2. Analysis of the tansient response.
3. Determination of threshold frequency for stimuli.
4. Study of the effects of noise and alcohol on reaction capacity.


What you can learn about

• Reaction capacity
• Strobe drum
• Control loop
• Feedback reaction
• Dead time
• Follow-through time
• Threshold frequency

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