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Inserir no projetoP8001160Sistema de treinamento em determinação direta do volume pulmonar a partir de um espirograma


The lung is the organ which plays a decisive role in the exchange of gases with the surroundings. The membrane with which the lung is lined releases CO2 from the blood in which it is dissolved and passes O2 into the blood. To breathe in, the diaphragm must contract to effect a stretching of the lungs, i.e. diaphragm contraction causes the volume of the lung to increase. Air is hereby drawn into the lungs from the surroundings. The subsequent relaxation of the diaphragm causes the lung to contract back so that air is passively breathed out. This cycle ensures the repeated breathing in of oxygen and breathing out
of carbon dioxide. But how many litres of air can we breathe in and breathe out in one breath?

The aim of this experiment is to directly determine the vital capacity, instead of determining it indirectly
as in the "How much air can our lungs contain?" experiment. Further to this, the dependency of the
volume on time is presented here in the form of a spirogram.


• Determine the vital capacity in litres using a spirometer
• Create a spirogram from the recorded measured values

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