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Inserir no projetoP5942200Sistema de treinamento em tempos de relaxação na ressonância magnética nuclear


The principles of relaxation processes using the MR technology are demonstrated. Experiments are executed with the MRT training device giving the opportunity to investigate some small probes in the sample chamber. Device control is done with the provided software. Investigations comprise the estimation of the relaxation time T1 which is a measure of time for reestablishing the longitudinal magnetization, the measurement of this latter time and the measurement of the relaxation time T2 which is a measure of time for the decline of the transverse magnetization. T1 and T2 are specific to the sample material and thus give important evidence for the composition of the subject of investigation. 


1. Estimation of the relaxation time T1 via two successive 90° HF pulses.
2. Measuring the relaxation time T1 using an automatic software routine.
3. Measuring the relaxation time T2 using an automatic software routine.

What you can learn about

• Nuclear spins
• Precession of nuclear spins
• Resonance condition, MR frequency
• MR flip angle
• Longitudinal and transverse magnetization
• FID signal (Free Induction Decay)
• T1/T2 relaxation times 
• Measuring T1/T2 relaxaion times
• Spin-lattice relaxation (T1)
• Spin-spin relaxation (T2)
• Dephasing

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