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Inserir no projetoP2542001Sistema de treinamento em determinação do comprimento e posição de objeto que não pode ser visto


This experiment provides training in determining the length and position of an object based on an X-ray image. A metal pin that is embedded in a wooden block is used as the model. This experiment is also an excellent preparatory exercise for demonstrating the principle of computed tomography.


1. Record a bi-planar radiogram of two perpendicular planes of a metal pin which cannot be seen.
2. Determine the true length of the pin by taking into account the magnification factor which results from the divergence of the X-rays.
3. Determine the spatial position of the pin.

What you can learn about

• X-ray radiation
• Bremsstrahlung
• Characteristic radiation
• Law of absorption
• Mass absorption coefficient
• Stereographic projection

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