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Inserir no projetoP4010964Sistema de Treinamento em Redes neurais com Cobra 4 Xpert-Link - 29 experimentos

Disponível em Agosto de 2016


Interactive learning and teaching system with three neurosimulators for up to 30 experiments covering nerve cells, nerve cell interactions and neural networks.


• When using one nerve cell: use the nerve function model to study the following aspects of a nerve cell: intercellular potential, action potential.
• When using two nerve cells: motoneuron signals with recurrent inhibition by Renshaw cell, motoneuron signals without recurrent inhibition, functional characteristics of Renshaw inhibition, lateral inhibition, contrast improvement, conditioned reflex, reversed stimulus succession does not bring about a conditioned reflex.
• When using three nerve cells: transient (phasic) responses: focus on visual sense, body clock, short-term memory, special anatomical circuits: cerebral cortex and sensoric learning, functional characteristic of a triad.

What you can learn about

• When using one nerve cell: comparison between low and high threshold and stimulus levels, membrane time constant and low pass filtering, low-pass filtering, excitatory synapse, depolarisation, temporal summation, spatial summation, synaptic amplification by terminal branches, effect of decreasing stimulus, Hebbian synapse, synaptic learning and forgetting, inhibitory synapse, hyperpolarization, spacial inhibitory-excitatory summation, veto synapse.
• When using two nerve cells: lateral inhibition, contrast improvement, nerve cell interaction, conditioned reflex, Renshaw inhibition, motoneuron.
• When using three nerve cells: neuronal oscillator, rotating excitation, cerebral cortex and sensoric learning, triad.

The system can be upgraded with a fourth neurosimulator to perform experiments about complex neural networks (direction selectivity by unilateral inhibition, self-calibration of paired sensory channels).

Operating system-independent software included. Computer not provided.

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