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Inserir no projetoP3021701Sistema de treinamento em determinação do calor de combustão do óleo combustível e do calor calorífico do azeite


The heat of reaction generated during the complete combustion of 1000 g of solid or liquid fuel is known as the calorific valueH. In the case of complete combustion of nutritional fats, the gross calorific value can also be determined. In order to ensure complete combustion, the reaction takes place under oxygen. The heat generated during the combustion of a specific amount of fuel is absorbed by a glass jacket calorimeter of known heat capacity. The calorific value of the test substance can be calculated from the temperature increase in the calorimeter.


Determine the calorific value of heating oil and the gross calorific value of olive oil.

What you can learn about

  • Heat of reaction
  • Heat of combustion
  • Enthalpy of combustion
  • First law of thermodynamics


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