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Inserir no projetoP3120400Sistema de treinamento em processos de separação de cromatografia: A cromatografia em camada fina (TLC)


Chromatographic separation processes are very important for analytical chemistry. Their relatively simple technique and the possibility to separate even the smallest portions of mixtures explain the rapid development of these processes. There are numerous variations of this method.

As a result, the optimum chromatographic separation method can be found for nearly every separation task. The method that is described here can be used to demonstrate the fundamental principles and possibilities of this method with relatively simple means.


Separate a dye mixture by thin-layer chromatography.

What you can learn about

  • Thin-layer chromatography
  • Separation procedure
  • Adsorbent material
  • Stationary phase
  • Mobile phase
  • Capillary action

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