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The Doppler effect is used with ultrasonic waves to investigate the laws of stationary laminar flow, which underlie a many great technical applications. The liquid under investigation flows through a circuit of tubing. Particular aspects to be studied experimentally include the relationship between the speed of flow and the surface of the tubing (continuity condition) plus that between the resistance to the flow and the diameter of the tube (Hagen-Poiseuille law). By means of these two laws, the dynamic viscosity or fluidity can be derived using familiar geometry.


  1. Measure the average speed of 3 different flows using the ultrasonic Doppler sonograph with Doppler prisms. Determine the nature of the flow.
  2. Measure the drop in pressure between the measuring points and determine the resistance to the flow.
  3. Calculate viscosity and fluidity and compare with those for other liquids.


What you can learn about

  • Ultrasonic Doppler effect
  • Laminar and turbulent flow
  • Continuity equation
  • Bernoulli's equation
  • Hagen-Poiseuille law
  • Viscosity and fluidity 

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