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Inserir no projetoP2440801Sistema de treinamento em filtros RC


Resistor-Capacitor (RC) circuits serve as filters for frequencies. The frequency response of the most commonly used RC filters is recorded by point-by-point measurements as well as the frequency sweep method, and displayed on the oscilloscope. The results are plotted and verified using the measure analysis software.


  1. Record the frequency response of the output voltage of 
  • a high-pass filter
  • a low-pass filter
  • a band-pass filter
  • a Wien-Robinson bridge
  • a parallel-T filter, point by point and to display the sweep on the oscilloscope. Investigate the step response of
  • a differentiating network
  • an integrating network.

    2.  Analyse and verify the measurements using the measure analysis software.


What you can learn about

  • High-pass
  • Low-pass
  • Wien-Robinson bridge
  • Parallel-T filters
  • Differentiating network
  • Integrating network
  • Step response
  • Square wave
  • Transfer function

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