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Inserir no projetoP2410401Sistema de treinamento em dependência da temperatura de diferentes resistores e diodos


The temperature dependence of an electrical parameter (e.g. resistance, conducting-state voltage, blocking voltage) of different components is determined. To do this, the immersion probe set is immersed in a water bath and the resistance is measured at regular temperature intervals.


  • Measurement of the temperature dependence of the resistance of different electrical components.
  • Measurement of the temperature dependence of the conducting state voltage of semiconducting diodes.
  • Measurement of the temperature dependence of the voltage in the Zener and the avalanche effects.

What you can learn about

  • Carbon film resistor
  • Metallic film resistor
  • PTC
  • NTC
  • Z diode
  • Avalanche effect
  • Zener effect
  • Charge carrier generation
  • Free path
  • Mathie's rule

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