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Inserir no projetoP2430201Sistema de treinamento em Campo magnético de bobina única / lei de Biot-Savart com teslâmetro


The magnetic field along the axis of wire loops and coils of different dimensions is measured with a teslameter (Hall probe). The relationship between the maximum field strength and the dimensions is investigated and a comparison is made between the measured and the theoretical effects of position.


  • To measure the magnetic flux density in the middle of various wire loops with the Hall probe and to investigate its dependence on the radius and number of turns.
  • To determine the magnetic field constant.
  • To measure the magnetic flux density along the axis of long coils and compare it with theoretical values.

What you can learn about

  • Wire loop
  • Biot-Savart's law
  • Hall effect
  • Magnetic field
  • Induction
  • Magnetic flux density

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